My (Fabulous) Research Proposal

I have wanted to attend a drag show for years. Every time I mention this to someone I get one of three distinct reactions. One is excited surprise usually with something like, “Me, too! Take me with you!” Second, I might get a brow furrowed with suspicion without a comment. Third, most often from the straight guys, I get a confused surprised face along with, “Oh, really? Why?”

Why is complicated to answer. It’s a melting pot of multiplicity. I find drag queens beautiful and intriguing. They are at once an exaggerated ideal of womanhood and guys wearing women’s clothes. I have marveled at the grand dame of drag RuPaul since 1995 when I was 20 and she sang “Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart” with Elton John. That hair, those clothes, and most of all the make up was all perfection and yet slightly askew on that 6′ 4″ frame. I marveled as I said, but from afar. There was no one who ever followed through to go with me to a drag show and I soon forgot about the whole idea, until recently.

In late December a friend of mine I recently reconnected with posted on Facebook that he was going to see a drag show. That old longing was back. I joined the event page and talked to him about meeting up to see the show in Philadelphia. We were set. I posted a comment on the site asking about wheelchair accessibility and the promoter for FAUX REAL Productions responded to let them know when I would be there, so they could help me out. Later that week I posted a question on the event page asking if it was for 21 and up only because a friend wanted to bring her 18 year old daughter. The promoter responded again that it was 21 and up only. But this time he came back with another comment, “Aren’t you Teddy and Christena’s daughter?” Well I am, so naturally I responded yes. Come to find out he and his mom are regulars at my family’s diner! (Yeah Greek girl’s family owns a diner. Hahaha! You’ve seen the movie, right?)

Fast forward to my first class for Core 2 and the professor says to pick a topic that has always made us curious but that we know nothing about. I scribbled drag queens excitedly in my notebook. Was this kismet or what? Absolute serendipity! I have never written anything like this and am anxious to get started.

My first thought was that I needed to write a hard hitting feature article, but that is not me. I toyed with the idea of a play, but that is on the back burner until I see what I collect in my research encounters. What with “Kinky Boots” doing so well on Broadway, what could I write better than that in a few weeks? Now I am leaning toward a fun creative non-fiction piece entitled something like, “The Straight Girl’s Guide to Becoming a Queen”. I want to dive wig first into the drag party, learn the lingo, and be transformed in order to find out what goes into these mesmerizing illusions. I am comfortable with creative non-fiction as my first piece ever published is in this genre. I have written several pieces that eventually will be part of my memoir which falls under CNF. This genre lends itself flexibly to this idea because it allows me to write the facts, but with an irreverent, celebratory, or emotional slant than a more journalistic piece. To simply report the facts I gather is not as interesting to me as a writer or reader as what my full experience including emotions and personal reflections will be in delving into this topic.

I hope to begin my research at my first show on February 15th, the fateful Facebook event, at Voyeur’s Nightclub in Philadelphia. Entering into what many in the LGBTQ community refer to as the “gay-borhood” and its culture is completely new to me. I am a strong supporter of equal rights for all, but do not have many LGBTQ people who are close to me. Researching this aspect of what is usually interpreted as mostly appreciated by homosexuals or part only of that subculture is going to be an adventure. I have always felt a kind of “otherness” because I had a heart transplant at 14 and then became differently abled in my twenties and so I think that mindset has prepared me for this. However, I think my world view can be stretched and will endure some calisthenics over the next several weeks.

One local publication that may be interested in my final piece is Philadelphia Stories. They accept creative non-fiction pieces and are familiar with my work. The magazine also holds a readership in the area where I will be researching my topic in Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley including Atlantic City.

LGBT Weekly calls itself “America’s First Cable News Affiliated LGBT Media Company” and has a weekly paper and digital publication. Further research will need to be done to see if they exclusively publish their own in-house writers or might consider outside submissions. In the end, my piece may not be “newsworthy” enough for such a publication either because of content, tone, or genre, but it is one I will tuck into my paper files.

An international publication that may be interested in this piece is HuffPost Gay Voices. They publish a wide range of articles of interest to this community. The possibility of publication in this forum for me would be a bridging of the gap, or at least a friendly shout out and wave from the other bank, between heterosexual and homosexual people.

Finding a home for what I produce this semester in one of the above publications or another will introduce my work to a larger readership, beyond my own friends.

My strongest archive will definitely be the living archive as I intend to interview many queens and the people who love them. Electronic archives have already come into play with video performances and a documentary that have been recommended to me. Experiential archive will be key as well since the sight and sound aspect are the performers and show itself.

I am assured that this topic will sustain me over the next 15 weeks. Ever since our first class I have been binge watching RuPaul’s Drag Race and daydreaming about what I might wear to that first show. I just can’t wait to be Queen!


10 thoughts on “My (Fabulous) Research Proposal

  1. Elaine,

    This is a wonderful topic and I’m very excited to see what you can do with it.

    Because your first visit an event is Feb 15 and before we discuss taking field notes, just go and take it all it. That is, don’t go as a researcher just yet, though you will of course certainly learn things. Rather, go as a regular ticket-holding attendee. Doing so will help you when you get to the field notes you’ll eventually have to take.

    Looking forward to seeing how this plays out!


    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I am definitely going to soak in the experience on Sunday! Looking forward to learning about research techniques and this inspiring topic. have a great week and see you on the 17th.


  2. Elaine, I am interested in seeing where this takes you! I have to say, it’s not something I had ever thought much about, but like you, I love the dress, hair and make-up that is associated with it. This is a link to a Facebook page that looks very interesting. You had said there is more to it than just men dressing as women, so I look forward to what it’s all about.


  3. I can’t wait to continue to read about your journey through the world of drag queens. Like I told you I have been to a drag show and it was such an awesome experience these women are so talented. I still also think we should take a field trip and go with you to one of these shows.


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