A Fairy Tale with a Chill


I went to my first ever drag show! It was Into the Woods: An All Drag Show at Voyeur Night Club in Philadelphia. It was sparkly, shiny, and shimmery. It was everything I thought it would be and more… and less. You need to know the whole story to get the fairy tale picture. Keep in mind a lot happens before the “happily ever after”.

After the initial excitement, anxiety set in. Several different people committed to going with me only to back out. Luckily that was remedied by my damsels in shining armor VMD and ETL. We fretted a bit about getting over to the club from South Jersey because of the snow and parking situations. We settled on the train and experienced some relief at having a plan. We met at the station on the coldest day of winter so far. Seriously, it was 11 degrees as we entered the train station. We worked out the logistics of train tickets and stops and though all three of us felt sick being transported backwards in a frozen tin can to the city we reached the 12th Street stop and summoned an Uber car with the help of an app.

Voyeur Night Club Philadelphia is a dance club that was set up for theater with a small stage wrapped with artificial vines and roses along the base and above on the mezzanine railing. There were faux roses on each of the folding chairs set up in a semi-circle between the bar and stage. We chose our seats and then waited FOREVER! Seriously the show was to start at eight and did not begin until at least 9:45 pm. Intermission started at around eleven and by then the three of us were drag enthusiasts ice cubes. The place did not feel heated so we left about 10 minutes into intermission.

The gentlemen at the door were great because the club is not wheelchair accessible, but they were accommodating. Two of them lifted me wheelchair-and-all in and out of the club like Cleopatra.

The real story (I know 5 paragraphs in) is that the performers were stellar. The white cow was perfect with her vacant eyes and cud-chewing expression. Little Red Riding Hood had everyone in hysterics with her perfectly timed expressions and lip syncing. Rapunzel was dazzling in her huge Marie Antoinette wig and porcelain doll make up. One of my favorites was Cinderella. Even though I would have loved for her to have a wig and more fairy tale-like costume her demeanor and expression portrayed the character created by the Broadway actress on the cast album of Into the Woods they were using exquisitely. Best of all a Ru-Paul’s Drag Race alumna Mimi Imfurst was the witch who transforms into her previous beautiful self but loses her powers. Her wicked nature-inspired costume was creepy and haunting and replaced with a shimmering green gown and flaming ginger wig at the end of Act One.




The ride home was the ride there in reverse and just as frigid. Wicked winds and frozen snow made the trek over cobblestoned narrow Philly streets treacherous. But all tolled I will return after the thaw in a couple weeks. Drag is too addictive to give up because of a few frost bitten toes! (I joke!)


2 thoughts on “A Fairy Tale with a Chill

  1. So interesting that your first drag show experience was the drag version of a dark, musical take on fairy tales – a nice and fitting twist for drag! Can’t wait to hear about your next drag show which will more than likely be very different and certainly warmer!


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