E’rybody Knows a Queen

You would be surprised how easy it has been for me to connect with drag queens. Sure there’s the obvious social media connection. Type drag show into any search bar on any site and you’ll connect with queens of all categories, and I am learning there are many categories. But then it turns out, at least in my life, that everybody knows a queen.

I am an elementary school teacher by day, graduate school writing student by night, so you might think, like I did, that I might not have much connection to the gliteratti of the drag world. And then, like me again, you would be wrong. I can not keep my mouth shut about much. I mean, if I promise myself that I won’t tell people about something, by lunch time I have told everyone I have run into. Naturally, I have been blabbing about my drag culture research project for my Research and Technology for Writers class and the most interesting thing has happened. People know drag queens!

If you’ve read my research proposal then you know how I met one queen who is just starting out through my family’s business. That story was uncanny, but it didn’t stop there. My workplace, an elementary school, was the last place I was thinking I would make any kind of connection. In fact, it turns out it was the second place! While catching up with a colleague friend who teaches second grade I happened to mention my topic and she piped up, “My cousin is getting into drag!” Soon after she was telling me he has his first show coming up and as of yesterday we have plans to attend my 2nd drag show experience in Philadelphia at the Venture Inn on March 18th! Imagine that. Ooh, I need to come up with another outfit.

Now besides this project I am also working on a multimedia writing/painting/photography show called Scars and Tattoos: Our Stories on Our Skin. You can follow that progress on my Facebook page. I was talking about this show with my usual barrista, Steph, at my favorite  local coffee shop Treehouse Coffee Shop, because she has tattoos and I handed her my card. She liked the quote I have on the back of the card, “Can I get an Amen?” by RuPaul, drag queen mogul extraordinaire. I said in response that I also have a research project going about drag. “I have a friend from high school who is a drag queen!” she replied. Who knew, right?

I have also made some connections online. There’s the wordpress blog by Schlomo Steel where I have learned drag show etiquette. It’s a must read before you go to your first show. The first rule of drag is you don’t act drag. I’ve also connected with the lovely ladies Roxi Starr and Donna Ria on Facebook, who have assured me they’ll introduce me to their drag sisters, and many others on TwitterEven my conservative principal was able to rattle off a few venues in Atlantic City where I might see a show after I timidly hemmed and hawed my topic to him.

Sources are popping up everywhere, so I am telling everyone just in case. I’m getting really good at 6 degrees of drag queen. The connections are endless and I never know who might know a queen, because actually E’rbody knows a queen!


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