Research Stuff – Interview Schedule


Donna Ria/Ray Miles, Jr. – MONDAY 4/6 Treehouse Coffee Shop 12 pm (in person meeting)

Scarlet Bleu/Jarred Kyser – MONDAY 4/6 4 pm via Skype from Connecticut (met initially in person)

Roxi Starr/Larry Cook – THURSDAY 4/9 at Voyeur Night Club Philadelphia, PA (in person meeting)

Iris Spectre/Dylan Kepp – THURSDAY 4/9 at Voyeur Night Club Philadelphia, PA (in person meeting)

Erika Simone/Erik Koral – THURSDAY 4/9 10 am via Skype from California PT, 1 pm ET (met on Twitter)

Schlomo Steel – FRIDAY 4/10 10pm Skype from Michigan (met on WordPress)

Mary D’Knight – TBD


Voyeur Night Club with Ray Miles, Jr. – 4/9 10pm

Wig Shopping with Stacie Luciana – TBD

Drag Queen and Drag Culture Interview Questions

  1. Why drag? What is it about performing in drag that appeals to or inspires you?
  2. What is your drag story? How did you begin performing? Is it your main source of income? Do you have a drag mother or did you begin by some other inspiration?
  3. Would you categorize your drag look, and if so, how?
  4. Tell me about the creation of your character and naming her. What is your relationship with her?
  5. How might you describe your current act and how it evolved?
  6. Describe your preparation process:

*Make up – brands, application, desired outcome *Clothing – costumes vs women’s brands, fashion designers (yay or nay) *Body form – shape “type” (i.e.: pear shaped), foam padding, waist *Rehearsals – music and clips to lip sync and dance to, time and space for

  1. What is your goal on stage? What do you enjoy most about performing?
  2. On a recent episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7 Ginger Minj was talking about when people ask her why she takes drag so seriously because “It isn’t like curing cancer.” She then told a story of an audience member suffering with cancer who had attended a drag show as to check it off her bucket list. The fan continued to attend shows until she was in hospice at which time Ginger and her fellow drag queens took the show to her. Do you see drag as a healing or comforting agent or do you have a different perspective?
  3. What are your thoughts on RuPaul and RuPaul’s Drag Race?
  4. Do you think drag is becoming mainstream and gaining acceptance in American society? What are your thoughts and feelings on this topic?
  5. Describe the best kind of audience.
  6. Who would you love to perform with if you had your pick of anyone?
  7. Tell me about your most memorable drag performance.
  8. Tell me about the worst drag experience (i.e.: embarrassing, unsuccessful execution, etc.)
  9. Generally speaking is the drag community a supportive sisterhood or a cutthroat industry or something in between? How might you best describe it from your own personal experience?

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