Preparing for my Interview with Schlomo Steel

At the start of this class, soon after I chose my topic, I wondered where to I might go next. Once I had written blog posts proposing the topic of drag queens and drag culture and why I wanted to research them I wrote about going to a show. Since I had never attended a show I wanted to know proper etiquette. Like many a novice researcher I used Googled. I typed “What to ear to a drag show” into the omniscient search engine and it brought me back here to wordpress and Schlomo Steel’s page.

I hit upon just what I needed with Schlomo’s blog post So You’re Going to Your First Drag Show! Everything from the initial heads up,”Don’t be scared. The point is to have fun.” to how to behave, tipping and woohoo’ing are encouraged, everything I needed to know was there is a Roman numeral organized outline. Did I mention it was FUNNY! Not only did I laugh that first time I read it or subsequent times that I have referred back to it, but even now as I research for this post I’m rereading lines and guffawing.

Schlomo is a writer of many things drag and many more things LGBTQ. He is unapologetic and steadfast and clear  about his view and beliefs concerning being a gay man in the Midwestern portion of America. Through reading some of his other blog posts, following his Twitter and Facebook accounts I have garnered this information. there are some photos of Schlomo in drag in these social media sites, but our interview will reveal further his/her role in the drag world whether as a performer or not as well as a writer.

One particular question I have asked in my interviews thus far was inspired my Schlomo’s posts. I have noticed within the writing the use of zhe a gender-neutral pronoun, like hir and s/he that, is used in place of traditional gender-specific pronouns. I have received different answers from my various interviewees on the use of this pronoun. One queen uses she interchangeably whether another queen is in drag or not. A second queen used the common rule of in drag we use she out of drag we use he. I am interested in Schlomo’s preference and thoughts on this particular topic since the pronoun appears in some posts, but not in others.

I am also interested in Schlomo’s views on the drag scene from a writer’s perspective. I have only been researching this topic for a few months, while I surmise he is somewhat of an expert. I wonder about the insight he will be able to provide.  I know that writing from the outside in is different from writing from the inside out. I am hoping we meet somewhere in the middle.

One thought on “Preparing for my Interview with Schlomo Steel

  1. Your video was a nice break to listen to while writing:) The pronoun thing must be sooo confusing! You don’t want to insult anyone, but it has to be hard to remember all the the time!


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