Misguided Tweet or What I Couldn’t Say in 140 Characters

Here is my open (hearted) letter to Pandora Boxx, one of my favorite drag queens, for a miscommunication that happened over Twitter.

Dear Ms. Boxx,

I have been researching, tweeting, and blogging drag queens for only the last 5 months and still have much to learn. My ignorance became glaringly clear after a tweeting exchange between us. I was so excited to finally have a queen I admire retweet and comment on something I tweeted only to find out I may have offended. So in that vein, here is my long winded apology.

I am verbose which can easily and quickly be seen by glancing at my blog. Of course I have yet to master the finer points of expressing myself on Twitter in only 140 characters. The day I tweeted you I had read this post on Facebook from the RuPaul’s Drag Race Family page:

“‘People in the Drag Race fandom who are coming for RuPaul and saying you don’t like Ru’s decisions, etc.. Need to calm the fuck down. Do you have any idea what she has done for this community, without Ru none of this wonderful world we enjoy on Monday nights would be possible. IT’S RU’S SHOW, NOT YOURS and tbh she can do what she likes, and you still watch regardless so calm down please and learn your herstory! So beat it queen if you bitching about Ru!’ -Anonymous.

What do you think about this, kitty girls?”

Then I saw all the posts on Facebook, like I do every week, about how viewers are mortified that a certain favorite went home and how they will never watch again (until they do, the next week). After that, like I do every week, I read your News and watched this week’s Drag Center video. You also asked what others thought and having just read the above quote and everyone swearing off the show for another week I misinterpreted that as a call to stir the masses who are already hyped up about this being a disappointing season of RuPaul’s Drag Race in which many deserving talented queens are going home too early. That is when I tweeted you ” dearest aren’t you just feeding the ? Ily!

And what I meant was, “Hey, Pandora I was wondering what you think about all this talk concerning the show this season.I definitely agree that many of the stand-out drag queens with the most original and unique ideas are dropping like flies and much too early. Many of my drag fan friends were livid that Trixie Mattel went home not once, but twice, and others were reeling that Max went home, too early. Now Katya is gone! I am disappointed I didn’t get to see more from these queens, too, but realize that in each case they were eliminated not by their entire body of work or the stamina of their creativity, but only on one challenge and a one song lip sync.Then ultimately only by one person, RuPaul herself”

But I couldn’t say all that in a tweet, because I haven’t yet learned to express myself sufficiently in 140 characters. That being said I absolutely agree with you that in the case of Katya, “ everyone is right. Katya brought a great fun attitude and I love her drag. She’s more interesting than anyone left.”

All this to say, i hope you will forgive me, my Queen! I am still a novice and never want to offend. I finally get a retweet from a drag queen I admire and this happens. I need to pay closer attention when Ru says, “Don’t f*ck it up!”

Sincerest regards,


P.S. You make the damn cutest unicorn out there!


The gracious and generous Ms. Pandora Boxx read and retweeted this post with the sweetest response:

Pandora Boxx retweeted Elaine Paliatsas-Hau

Oh doll, you never offended me! No worries!

Misunderstandings happen, but they are always easier when the parties involved are kind.


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