An Extreme Queen

The Queen’s Court was lucky to get a Q&A from an up and coming Philly queen doing her darndest to get noticed by standing out. If you follow Alana Xtreme on social media you will instantly learn two things. First, she loves her eyeliner (see: drag name, get it?). Second, you will know you are following a confident drag queen focused on her craft and always improving it. She takes even her bad days and uses them to make her drag better. This is what is so endearing about Alana. This is what makes you cheer for her. She puts out her best self, while continuing working on getting better at her makeup application, presentation, and performance. Follow this queen to see what governing one’s own self looks like.
TQC: How were you named?
AE: My drag character name is Alana Xtreme and I was named by having too much eyeliner (Aylana) but prefer to spell it as Alana and Xtreme. I got it from XtremeTube! lol
TQC: What is your drag story or how did you get into drag?
AE: I got into drag with the encouragement of friends, in which they told me I’d make a pretty (looking fish). 🙂
TQC: Describe your drag character in 15 words or less.
AE: My drag character is wild, funny, down to earth and fun. She’s Xtreme!
TQC: Tell me about your best drag experience.
AE: My best drag experience is when I performed on Cash for Queens at Voyeur when Trixie Mattel was there.
TQC: Where do you perform most often?
AE: I mostly perform at Voyeur and Tabu.
TQC: Is drag your main source of income and if not what is your other job?
AE: No, my drag is not the source of my income. I’m a certified massage therapist and have done retail and customer service jobs.
TQC: What has been your worst or most embarrassing drag moment?
AE: My worst most embarrassing drag moment was when I was in Drag Wars Cycle 5 and was told that my I Love Lucy performance was the worst performance in Drag Wars history. (TQC: OUCH!)
TQC: Do you have a drag mother, mentor, or queen you look up to? If so what would you like to say to her?
AE:  I do have a drag mother. I would love to say to her, “Thanks for helping me in becoming a better drag queen and helping me to improve my drag. Thanks for seeing something in me.”
TQC: What makes your drag different or unique from other queens?
AE:  I guess my drag is unique because it has versatility. I can do comedy, dancing numbers, perverted numbers, anything I feel like will grab attention. 
TQC: What do you hope for your drag career in the future?
AE: I would hope that my drag career for the future to become the best of the best, become more known in the drag scene, and show lots of improvements and win titles. I think it’s time for me to win something.
(Answer with the first thought that comes to mind!) 
TQC: What do you enjoy outside of drag?
AE: What I enjoy outside of drag is going out with friends, going to different places, going to the beach, amusement parks, being with the people I love, having movie nights, shopping, and video games.
TQC: What is your favorite makeup item?
AE:   My favorite makeup item is the liquid eyeliner. (TQC: Of course!)
TQC: Use one word to describe your style.
AE: Flawless 
TQC: What was your worst wardrobe malfunction?
AE: My worst wardrobe malfunction was getting stuck on showing an outfit reveal.
TQC: Who is your best friend?
AE: My best friend is the mirror! lol
Well, we are hoping to see more of you Alana Xtreme!

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